The Application of Barium Sulfate in the Rubber Industry


The Application of Barium Sulfate in the Rubber Industry

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Barium sulfate can effectively enhance the aging resistance and weatherability of rubber products such as tire rubber and rubber belt. In addition, it can also enhance the surface smoothness of rubber products. As a powder form of rubber filler, it can not only improve the rate of powder addition, but also has obvious advantages in economic aspect.

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Some research results show that the increase of the amount of barium sulfate has an obvious effect on the flexural cracking performance. If ultra-fine barium sulfate is used in the inner liner of all steel radial truck tire, there is no obvious change in the physical and mechanical properties of the inner liner when ultra-fine barium sulfate is used.

At present, the main means to treat the steel wire in the tire ring is to wash the stains on the steel wire surface with acid solution, and can increase the adhesion with the rubber. Therefore, barium sulfate will be added to the steel wire rubber to improve its acidity, so as to enhance the stability between the two. After further experimental research, it is found that active barium sulfate can effectively improve the extraction force of steel wire, make it have excellent extrusion processability, and effectively alleviate the bead frost spraying.

The Technical Parameters of Rubber Grade Barium Sulfate:

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