The salt lake is famous for its pure scenery, but it lasts for its precious deposits


China is one of the countries with the richest salt lake resources in the world. People who have been to the salt lake are moved by its holiness and beauty. China's famous salt lakes include: Chaka Salt Lake in Qinghai, Chaerhan Salt Lake in Qinghai, Yuncheng Salt Lake in Shanxi, Balikun Salt Lake in Xinjiang, Zabuye Salt Lake, etc.


Chaerhan Salt Lake, the largest inland salt lake in China and the second largest in the world.


China's "mirror of the sky" -- Chaka Salt Lake in Qinghai.


"China's Dead Sea", one of the world's three major sodium sulfate inland salt lakes -- Yuncheng Salt Lake, Shanxi Province.


Xinjiang's Maldives, Xinjiang's famous salt lake -- Balikun Salt Lake.


One of the three largest lithium salt lakes in the world, the largest lithium salt lake in China--Zabuye Salt Lake, Tibet.


After thousands of years, Salt Lake precipitation is not only salt and beauty!

Taking Qarhan Salt Lake, the largest inland salt lake in China, as an example, Qarhan Salt Lake is a large inland comprehensive Salt Lake, which is mainly composed of potash, accompanied by magnesium, sodium, lithium, boron, iodine and other minerals. The proven reserves of potassium chloride reached 145 million tons, accounting for 97% of the country's total. Magnesium chloride was 1.7 billion tons, and lithium chloride was 8.25 million tons. Potassium resources account for more than 50% of China's proven reserves, and magnesium accounts for 99.9% of China's proven reserves, which rank first in the country.

In recent years, in view of the gradual increase in the development of salt lake resources, the government has put forward the policy of "scientific development and sustainable development" in the process of salt lake resources development and utilization. In the process of development, the government carries out dynamic monitoring of Salt Lake, grasps the dynamic change information of Salt Lake, and achieves the reasonable development and utilization of salt lake resources.

It is particularly important to grasp the dynamic changes of brine parameters and potassium content in salt lakes where potassium resources are mainly exploited. Brine in brine deposit can not only make salt, but also extract potassium, magnesium, lithium, rubidium, cesium, iodine, bromine, boron and strontium. The high concentration of brine in salt lake makes it very difficult to determine on site. At present, manual sampling is the main method in salt lake exploitation and salt field sunshine. Brine mining and salt drying are the key steps in the utilization of salt lake resources. In order to grasp the dynamic data, it is necessary to set up detection points in the salt lake brine mining area and salt drying field.

1. Brine concentration monitoring

Conductivity refers to the ability of conducting current in aqueous solution, which is closely related to the mineral content in water. It can be used to detect the change of dissolved mineral concentration in water and estimate the amount of ionic compounds in water. There is a certain relationship between the conductivity of water and the amount of electrolyte contained in it. Within a certain concentration range, the higher the concentration of ions, the more charge they carry, the greater the conductivity. Therefore, this index can indirectly infer the total concentration or salt content of ions in water.

TriE Conductivity Sensor.png 

TriE Conductivity Sensor

2. Detection of element concentration in salt lake

When the conductivity changes greatly, the handheld device can be used to qualitatively measure the element concentration in the salt lake liquid and specifically analyze the change of ion concentration in the salt lake. Know the plasma concentration of Li, be, B, Na, Mg, Al, Si, K, GA in Salt Lake liquid anytime and anywhere. Laser technology, fast analysis speed, safety and no radiation. The instrument emits laser pulse to bombard the tested sample, and the elements of the tested sample emit light waves of different wavelengths, and then the content of each element is calculated by spectral identification.

Hand held laser element analyzer.png 

Hand held laser element analyzer

Conclusion: lake salt is one of the earliest salt discovered and consumed by human beings, which is called "salt of life". The existence of salt lake is not only because of its beautiful scenery. The development of salt lake resources by human beings has increased the color of life for the salt lake. It is an important goal of Salt Lake mine development to gradually establish a dynamic monitoring network and master the changes of CO associated elements in the salt lake. Salt lake monitoring system is not only limited to brine monitoring and element concentration analysis. The framework of salt lake monitoring system is mainly based on the integration of geography, geology, mineral resources, production, achievements and other data, and uses sensor technology, GIS technology, database, 3D modeling and other technologies to form an intelligent and dynamic grasp of salt lake resources. The beauty of Salt Lake comes from the uncanny workmanship of nature, and to continue this beauty, we can do more than just watch the scenery at our feet!

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