XRF Testing-A High Efficiency and Low Cost Prospecting Method


9X Minerals and HOT Mining’s technicians carried out soil geochemical survey in Lijiashan barite mining area in Dejiang, Guizhou Province. The purpose is to measure the chemical element content of soil in Lijiashan barite mining area by field sampling, so as to evaluate the ore bearing capacity of Ordovician and Cambrian strata, which is conducive to developing new prospecting target areas, stimulating the prospecting potential of the mining area, and serving as the mining area Prepare for future sustainable development.


1. How is the working progress of XRF testing?

Firstly, soil samples were collected in the field of barite mining area, and then these samples were tested by portable XRF analyzer. After the test results were obtained, the abnormal soil elements were analyzed, and on this basis, the orebody location was predicted scientifically.


2. Measuring tools.

Portable XRF (X-ray fluorescence spectrometry) analyzer is a fast semi quantitative element analyzer, which can identify and analyze the periodic table elements from phosphorus to uranium quickly and accurately. Due to the characteristics of portability, rapidity and accuracy of data, it is suitable for geological survey, selection and soil geochemical survey of traditional minerals, and good prospecting results can be achieved.


3. Working principle

The working principle of XRF analyzer is based on Bohr theory: the inner low orbit electrons are irradiated by XRF excitation light source (X-ray tube) X-ray, absorb energy and jump to the outer high orbit, so that the atoms are in the excited state; then, other electrons in the outer high orbit rapidly reduce the orbit to the inner layer, fill in the orbital holes, and release the corresponding atomic specific energy (X-ray) to make the atom recover Back to the stable ground state. According to the different positions and intensities of the energy (X-ray) spectral lines released by each element (atom), the portable XRF analyzer matches the data measured by the sample with the standard curve, so as to distinguish the types and contents of elements, so as to achieve the effect of testing and analyzing the samples.

The application of portable XRF analyzer in Lijiashan barite mining area can save time and money for analysis and greatly improve prospecting efficiency.


4. Measurement result

According to the 33 line soil profile of barite ore body, XRF barium (BA) test results show that the high value Ba anomaly accurately reflects the location of the ore body, and a parallel weak Ba anomaly is found. It is inferred that this is probably caused by concealed barite vein, which indicates that this area has the value of further exploration and mining.



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