Why is nano-sized modified barium sulfate suitable for transparent filling masterbatch?


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As a new type of inorganic material, nano-sized modified barium sulfate has been widely used in many fields because of its high specific surface area, high activity, and good dispersion, etc. Today I will share what is nano-sized modified barium sulfate and its advantage of applying in the transparent filling masterbatch. 

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Key works need to know:

Nanometre(abbr Nano): 1nm = 0.000001mm

Surface modification: surface modification is to endow new surface properties, such as hydrophilicity, biocompatibility, antistatic performance, dyeing performance, etc. on the premise of maintaining the original properties of materials or products.

1. What is nano-sized modified barium sulfate

Nano modified barium sulfate is a kind of barium sulfate with high purity, small particle size, and good dispersion, which is obtained by the chemical reaction between the nano barium sulfate and the surface modifying agent.

2. Remarkable feature of nano-sized modified barium sulfate

2.1 Medium particle size D50<200nm.

2.2 The purity≥99%, whiteness≥99.8%

2.3 PH is neutral. Acid and alkali resistance and corrosion resistance

2.4 High gloss, high transparency

2.5 Suitable for almost all polyolefin transparent filling

2.6 Toughening and strengthening

2.7 Surface activation treatment, excellent dispersion

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3. Why is nano-sized modified barium sulfate suitable for transparent filling masterbatch?

3.1 It has a nearly nanometre size (300nm) and narrow particle size distribution curve, which forms the best half-wavelength ratio and has excellent penetrability to visible light waves.

3.2 The spherical crystal structure prepared by the sulfuric acid method is more conducive to the diffraction of light.

3.3 Nano modified barium sulfate has a unique refractive index property of about 1.6, which is similar to the 1.54 refractive index of PE material. Therefore, nano modified barium sulfate has been successfully applied to high transparency blown film or tape cast polyolefin film products, providing excellent optical properties and opening effect. 

4. Typical use and basic formula.

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5. Packing and export of nano modified barium sulfate.

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