Lijiashan-Under Construction Barite Mine


Lijiashan barite mine in Dejiang county is our another mine, which is located in Guizhou, lijiashan area about 6 km away from the county seat, there is good traffic conditions and the road through the ore body, The ore body is stable and large scale, the ground 2-3km long visible ore, this mine belongs to under construction.

The project in construction of tunnels, power system, and roadway have been ready. Major equipment have also been in transport.

The mine’s content:

Develop methods: adit

The section size: 2.2 m * 2.6 m

Rock properties: limestone, f value 10-12, nearly level and without water

Barite ore body dip Angle: 70-90

Mineral density: 4.2

Ore body thickness: about 0.8-3 m, an average of about 1.2 m

Following the last site exploration, at present, the main work is to survey and map: The surveying work carried out in the construction of mine engineering surveying, mine construction and process; measurement of ground Civil engineering,shaft directional measurement and elevation measurement of shaft , shaft penetration measurements.