The First Ton Fluorite Ore Production of Lijiashan Barite-fluorite Mine


With the joint efforts of the project management team, the first ton of raw ore from Lijiashan barite-fluorite mine was mined. Since the mine construction work of Lijiashan mine was started, Lijiashan project department has successfully carried forward all work of Lijiashan mine with the safe production as the guiding principle. At present, the mine is still in the trial production stage, but the grade is high and the fluorite content is rich.

The first ton of raw ore

01_The first ton of raw ore_9X Minerals.png

Group photo of project management team

02_Group photo of project management team_9X Minerals.png

High-grade fluorite ore

03_High-grade fluorite ore_9X Minerals.png

Exposed fluorite vein

04_Exposed fluorite vein_9X Minerals.png

We have already deployed the barite-fluorite processing scheme. It is expected that the processed products will be divided into fluorite lump, fluorite fine powder, barite lump, and barite powder. In light of the demand for domestic and foreign fluorochemical market, 97% grade fluorite concentrate will be our main product.


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