Alpha Wave Miner's Body Condition Monitoring Safety Helmet

Wearable Equipment

With Fitbit and Apple watches hot sale in the market, mining companies have begun to think about if wearable technology can bring them business benefits. The answer is sure! By embedding computers and advanced electronics into garments and accessories (helmets, glasses, gloves, boots ...), mining companies are realizing an array of unprecedented benefits. For example, some equipment can track the fatigue of truck drivers, thus reducing the number of accidents that endanger the safety of personnel. And it also can accurately locate the exact location of underground workers, therefore mine operators can just do the ventilation, heating or cooling operation in their mining area to save a lot of power costs. Moreover it can even show the wearer's physical condition, to help quickly cope with accidents or casualties.

Electronic Skin Technology come from Australia Alpha Industrial Technology Pty Ltd.which will upgrade miners health and safety.


Product Features

1. Thin: the weight of the sensor is less than 1 gram, the total weight of integrated products <10g (including battery), the thickness of less than 1/2 hair.

2. Skin: the skin texture of the fit, you can do any deformation with the skin.

3. Comfort: almost no sense of wearing

4. Accurate: the best interface fit brings accurate signals.


Monitoring of Key Physiological Indicators

1. Can be monitored in real time, or set up to monitor the following physiological indicators.

2. Alpha brain wave (α wave) - - Fatigue monitoring, to avoid the first-line miners or operator accident caused by fatigue.

3. Oxygen content - coal mine, gas inhalation warning.

4. Heart rate - real-time monitoring miner’s body characteristics, easy emergency treatment and rescue.


Alpha Helmet Application Advantages

1. The integrated sensor weighs less than 1 g and is less than 1/2 the thickness of the hair, allowing it to be "woven" into plain textiles (inner bands of safety helmets). Therefore, the miners, the absence of any extra wear feeling.

2. HOT based on electronic skin secondary development of wearable equipment to real-time monitoring of truck drivers, miners and other front-line staff oxygen content, heart rate, respiratory rate, brain waves and other data, after the algorithm analysis of fatigue, thereby reducing the safety hazards of accidents.

3. The existing technology can accurately locate the location of underground personnel, ground control personnel according to the physical data of underground personnel in the underground area of the ventilation, heating or cooling and other operations, thereby saving a lot of cost of electricity costs and to help underground personnel Get a better working environment. The system also shows the wearer's physical condition, helping to respond quickly to accidental death or accident handling.

Alpha helmets are used in mining activities in 9X Mineral Co.,Ltd to achieve safer and more efficient mining.

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