Analysis of barite resource in China & future market

The barite in the world is abundant with over 2 billion tons, mainly in America, Russia, China, Peru, India, and so on.


China owns the rich barite recourse in the 26 provinces, especially in the southern. The reserve in Guizhou occupies 1/3 of China, while Hunan and Guangxi ranks the second and third. The barite in China is not only accountable but also premium. The BaSO4 is more than 92.8%, and the rich reserves occupy 99.4% in the whole country. Until 1995, 460 million reserves were discovered.


China supplies 25-30 million tons barite annually, all exploited in domestically.

China consumes 12-13 million tons barite annually. 7-8 million tons are used for oil and gas exploitation, 60% of the total consumption. 4-6 million tons are used for the Ba chemical products, 30% of the total. 1 million tons are used for other fields, 10% of the total.


China is the biggest country to export the barite. In 1990s, China exported 15-20 million tons barite to the outside the world. In 1996, China export 2.058 million tons barite and Ba salt, with 1.86 barite and 0.198 Ba chemical products, mainly to America, Holland, Japan, and South Korea.


China seldom imports the barite, only a small amount of Ba chemical products. In the future years, the demands will be increasing with a bright market. In the industry of supply is less than demand, much profits can be seen.